Residential Closing Costs & Fees

At Griffin & Jordan, we are pleased to help you with your title and closing. In general, there are two types of closing transactions, financed transfers and cash sales with no lender involved. As a part of your financed transfer, your lender will provide you with estimated closing costs.

Both types of transactions have similar fees associated with them. Each client’s case is unique. There may be issues that require more than the usual amount of legal work. As a result, the fee for those cases would be higher. The fees outlined here apply to typical real estate transactions.

These fees include:

Conducting Closing & Title Work

A review of the title based upon an acceptable abstract or title opinion provided for review, a full search of title, update of the title at the appropriate Registry of Deeds, update of title following closing, preparation of any closing documents, ordering mortgage inspection sketch, examination of same, preparation of loan closing documents as required by the lending institution, obtaining figures for a closing statement, conducting the closing, delivery of documents to Registry of Deeds for recording is estimated to be $750.

  • Closing Agent Only (with another attorney doing title work) – $425
  • Title Work Only – $350
  • Deed Preparation (with current owner search at Registry) – $200
  • Mortgage Deed & Note – $350
  • Mortgage Discharge – $100

Other closing costs include:

  • Transfer Tax – The buyer and seller each pay half based on the purchase price at $2.20 per thousand dollars rounded up to the nearest $500.
  • Recording Fees for Deeds, Mortgages, & Releases – $22 for the first page and $2 for each additional page. Plus, $4.50 per document for e-recording.
  • Mortgage Loan Inspection Sketch Prepared by a surveyor is estimated at $250 in the greater Bangor area. These limited survey sketches provide a visual examination of the buildings and improvements within the described lot’s confines.
  • Title Insurance Premiums – Based on the purchase price and loan amount. Please call the office for a quote.