Legal Services Fees

While each client’s situation is unique and may require more or less legal services than are typical, in general the fees for our corporate work are as follows:

  • Non-Profit Corporation Legal Services: $300.00 plus filing fees and costs
  • For Profit Corporation Legal Services: $550.00 plus filing fees and costs
  • LLC/Partnership Legal Services: $550.00 plus filing fees and costs/li>
  • Drafting of Bylaws, Operating Agreement, Partnership Agreement
  • Annual Clerk Filing Fees: $150.00 plus filings fees and costs

Typical Filing Fees for the Secretary of State (Effective 2015):

  • Non-Profit Corporation Filing Fee: $40.00
  • For Profit Corporation Filing Fee: $145.00
  • LLC/Parternship Filing Fee: $175.00 to $225.00

Additional filing fees for forms required also billed at rate charged by Secretary of State.

*Initial Legal Services include all documents necessary to form the entity such including: meeting with the client, certificate of formation (LLC), article of incorporation (Corp.), LLC Operating Agreement, Partnership Agreement, Bylaws or Initial Minutes. Although rare, certain entities will require additional legal fees where the complexities of the transaction require more than 3 hours of work. Time is billed at the billing attorney’s hourly rate after the set minimum fee is exceeded. Your attorney will discuss this possibility with you before beginning work on the project.