Guardian Ad Litem

We offer Guardian Ad Litem services in family law cases when parents cannot resolve issues regarding the care and custody of their children. The Judge or Magistrate appoints a Guardian Ad Litem at the request of one or both parents. They are paid for by the parents. Our rostered Guardian ad litem (GAL) attorneys will work diligently to investigate and make recommendations to the Court in the children’s best interests.

Child Custody Bangor, MaineA GAL has a wide range of authority to investigate, including reviewing criminal records, health records of the children and the parents, talking with teachers and healthcare professionals, meeting with the parents and children privately, and talking with others significant to the case. Once the investigation is completed, the GAL will negotiate a resolution both parents find acceptable. The GAL may issue a written report to be filed with the Court outlining their investigation, findings, and recommendations.

Guardians do not make decisions. They only make recommendations. However, they often help resolve the conflict through a clear-eyed, objective look at all custody, focusing on the children’s best interests. If an agreement is not reached, the GAL is typically asked to testify in Court. The Judge will consider the Guardian’s recommendations when deciding a final Order.