Divorce & Child Support

Finding the right divorce attorney in the Bangor, Maine, area is an important first step in reducing the stress of divorce. You want to feel comfortable with and confident in the attorney you select. The relationship you have with your divorce attorney is hopefully short-term but intense.

You should feel free to interview a couple of attorneys before making your selection. Although initial consultations typically are not free of charge, it is worth spending the time and money to ensure you and the attorney you select to represent you in this important, personal legal matter are the right match. At Griffin & Jordan, we have been representing clients in every family law aspect for over 30 years.

divorceWe have experienced family law attorneys handling divorce, parental rights matters, child custody, child support, and post-divorce disputes. Our family law attorneys have the reputation of being strong and able advocates and litigators, always putting the family’s needs first. We do not create issues to prolong the conflict.

We are problem solvers. Having an experienced attorney on your side is crucial to your understanding of the court process, reducing your stress, and receiving a fair outcome. We are sensitive to the personal, stressful nature of family matter cases.

Our initial goal is to attempt to settle your case fairly, thus, reducing the conflict. Taking an aggressive, antagonistic approach has rarely proven successful. It is almost always harmful to the family.

This does not mean we won’t fight to get you a good result. We support you every step of the way through the process. We work hard for a fair result while always being your strong advocate.