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Are you considering divorce or separation from your partner but dread the thought of a messy, contentious court battle? Are you and your partner able to communicate openly and honestly to decide the terms of your divorce? Do you want to avoid spending many thousands of dollars on a drawn-out contested court hearing? Do you both still honestly care about one another and want to treat each other with respect, integrity, and kindness during and after your divorce or separation? collaborative Bangor, Maine

If your answer is yes to these questions, you should consider having a Collaborative Law divorce. A Collaborative Law divorce begins with you and your spouse or partner selecting your own specially-trained collaborative law attorney. A list of those attorneys in this area is set forth below.

The Collaborative Law process involves a series of four-way meetings (both of you and your attorneys) to discuss the issues, exchange all relevant information, and decide what terms will be most beneficial to the family as a whole. If experts are needed, such as real estate appraisers, financial or tax advisors, or child experts, you and your partner would select one neutral person to help, rather than having two “dueling” experts.

Once the terms are worked out for all the issues (children, property, debt, retirement accounts, spousal or child support, etc.), it is put in the form of a written settlement agreement. Only then is the divorce action filed with the courts. In this way, the case’s timing is controlled by the parties, not by the court’s calendar. The parties can then request an uncontested hearing date.

Collaborative Law Bangor, Maine Collaborative Law attorneys have been specially trained in this methodology and, as required by our guiding principles, we are so committed to the idea of reaching an agreement, if we are not successful, the attorneys must withdraw. Fortunately, this rarely happens as most cases using this method are settled to both parties satisfaction.

If you would like to learn more about collaborative law, divorce, and whether it is right for you, please contact our office at 207-866-5500 and ask for Kerry Clark Jordan. She would be happy to speak with you.

Your spouse or partner would need to hire their collaborative attorney law from the list below:

Armanda Beal Day, Esq. (207) 947-0303

Jane S.E. Clayton, Esq.  (207) 947-6915

Amy L. Faircloth, Esq.   (207) 941-8443

Angela M. Farrell, Esq.  (207) 990-3314

Steven J. Mogul, Esq.    (207) 942-4644

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