Business Law

Griffin & Jordan is known as one of Maine’s most respected business law firms and we have represented hundreds of Bangor and Orono, Maine area businesses for more than 40 years. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs structure their businesses in a way that helps them succeed and protects their interests. When you call us to set up a consultation concerning your business, we will guide you through the process and help you decide on the best organization for you. We will then prepare all of the necessary documents, including operating agreements, corporate bylaws, articles of incorporation, shareholder agreements, and the like. Once your business is registered with the State, we will continue to assist you by serving as your registered agent for a low annual fee and make sure that annual reports are filed and required corporate minutes are timely submitted to the State each year. We handle the legal issues, while you focus on your business.

llcOur firm works in collaboration with your accountant to provide advice and assistance in establishing a business entity that will fit your needs. Whether your choice is a corporation (business or non-profit), limited liability company, or partnership, we can be of help.

Limited liability is an important concept in business law and one that we will discuss in detail to help you decide on the right type of company structure for your business. The idea behind limited liability is that you should be protected personally from certain things that happen in the course of your business. Protecting the individual from liability helps to foster the entrepreneurial spirit necessary for a free market. By selecting the right type of entity, you can maximize your business’ ability to thrive.

Business Law – Non-Profits

A Non-Profit is a business organization designed for some purpose other than profit. The idea is that non-profits exist to provide society a benefit and as a result, the government provides tax breaks to non-profit companies.